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Gift Cards [ 13 Jan 2010|09:22am]

I have been searching and I am passing it over or something, I cannot find any information about where to purchase online Universal Studios gift cards. Can someone help me out? Thank you much!

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Question for employees [ 04 Sep 2009|11:24am]

Hey everybody! This is my first time in this community and I had a few questions that I'm hoping someone can help me with.

I recently put in an application to Universal because I've always wanted to work there and I absolutely hate the job I have now. I got an e-mail back to set up an interview, so I'm really excited about the opportunity. But I've been trying to research more about what it's like working there and I can't find any information about it at all. I'm just wondering things like typical hours, pay, scheduling time off, etc. Anything you can tell me/ warn me about it. The job I applied for was something like Sales Associate or something. If they were to offer me another job though, I'd take it.

Also, since I'll be going to the interview in a few days I wonder if there's anyone who can tell me a bit more about that process as well. What kind of things they ask or what they're looking for.

Thanks for the help : )
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Meal Deal? [ 01 Jun 2009|04:57am]

So, we're going to WDW for 4 days this fall & then to USF for another 3. We've got the free dining while we're at WDW, but we're starting to worry about how much food is going to cost us while we're at USF (4 nights, total). We've read a little about the USF Meal Deal, but none of the guide books seem too impressed with it.
What do you guys think, is it worth it?
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[ 24 May 2009|07:47pm]

I have a question about the crowd levels around Halloween: We just booked a cruise that leaves the first of November and have our season passes from last year. We want to use them again before they expire, but unfortunately the only time we can go to Universal is the 29th-31st of October. Does anyone know anything about the crowd levels? Is it unbearable? I hate going to theme parks when they are horribly crowded. Thanks!
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travel questions??? [ 23 Aug 2008|04:26am]

[ mood | confused ]

My boyfriend & I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada & are going to visit both Walt Disney World & Universal Studios in September of '09. We probably won't be able to afford more than 10 days away from work, so that's the time we're trying to budget for, but we're not sure how to split our time between the two?
In an attempt to avoid having to rent a car while we're there, we're planning on staying on site at both locations. We're most interested in Port Orleans - French Quarter for our stint at WDW, but we haven't decided which of the three Universal hotels would suit us best. Any suggestions?

I'm also a little confused about just how flexible the MYW packages really are? I've got a tentative schedule kinda thought up in my head, but I don't know if it will work at all, you know? For example:

  • DAY1: afternoon flight to Orlando - Magic Express to WDW hotel. NO PASS NEEDED.
  • DAY2: WDW park hopper pass
  • DAY3: WDW park hopper pass
  • DAY4: WDW park hopper pass
  • DAY5: WDW park hopper pass (4 total)
  • DAY6: pack & move from WDW to Universal hotel (any ideas on how to get from WDW to Universal?). NO PASS NEEDED.
  • DAY7: Universal parks
  • DAY8: Universal parks
  • DAY9: Universal parks
  • DAY10: pack - return to airport (does Universal offer an airport shuttle & if so, what does it cost?) for an early afternoon return flight to Canada. NO PASS NEEDED.

Hopefully, WDW will be offering the Dining Plan for free again... *fingers crossed* Is there any similar option available for Universal?

Assuming that we'll figure out our own flight plans, what would be reasonable to expect to pay for hotel rooms & park passes?

Thanks in advance!
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the vip tour [ 09 Aug 2008|05:12am]

is it worth the money? my mom and i are heading to universal this upcoming weekend and i'm not sure if it is. it looks pretty swanky and neat on the park's website but i'm still weary about paying 200 bucks per person. the last time i went was about two years ago and i seemed to enjoy myself without the perks but i'm willing to fork over a ton of cash if the experience is fun. has anyone been on it before? what do you think? 
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[ 10 Jun 2008|09:40pm]

Does anyone know how the weekend crowds will in early November? My husband and I are FINALLY going on our honeymoon, and we decided to go on a cruise and then go to Universal for a few days. I've never been to Florida around this time of year, how is the weather? Is it still stifling hot (as it can be in October) or is it cooler?
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TNA at Universal [ 05 Jun 2008|10:47am]

I was just wondering if anyone has been to a TNA Impact taping at Universal. If so, how is it? I'm thinking of going next tuesday. I understand that they start taping at 5:30 and open the doors at 5 on a first come first serve basis. My only concern is I'm going with a friend of mine who gets off work at 3 that day. We live approximately 2 hours away, so that would put us there around 5. How strict are they about the time? We had the movie theater on citywalk as a backup plan in case we don't make it, but I'm thinking if we get there at 5, we could probably get to the TNA show by 5:30, assuming that there's still seats available. Well any insight into this situation would be appreciated. Thanks!
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[ 04 Jun 2007|01:02am]

After extensively studying the promo images, i figured out how the general harry potter area will be laid out. Feel free to agree/disagree or tell me i'm plain wrong (but from what is in the drawings, this is pretty damn close to my opinion).

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Harry Potter [ 03 Jun 2007|09:54pm]

Im assuming everyone saw this announcement already, but to those who havent seen it, Universal Studios is adding on a new "7th" island for Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter Island (or as I like to call it, Harry Potter of the Lost Continent lol).

Here are some cool press shots.

Whats interesting in the second picture is that you can clearly see the Dueling Dragons castle and the Flying Unicorn in the shot. From the looks of it, the entire lost Continent will be carved up because I honestly dont see (according to the picture) what they are saving.

By the looks of it Hogwarts is going to be to the left of the bridge that connects the Lost Continent...erm...Harry Potter land with Jurassic Park. Pretty Sweet. I wonder what they are going to change Mythos into! Or hell, a Harry POtter stunt show would be sweet.
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Universal Studios Hollywood [ 27 Dec 2006|08:05pm]

Does anyone know what the crowds are usually like this last week before the new year? (Hollywood location)
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Universal Park Pass Question [ 27 Apr 2006|05:20pm]

Whats the price of the universal park pass theses days anyways? any special deal at the gates?
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[ 25 Feb 2006|10:34am]

Just some news I happened upon.

I heard that they took out the free express passes at Universal and that now the only way to get one is to either stay onsite and use the room key, or buy the express pass plus. I also heard that they fired a bunch of their characters, and that they were thinking of closing JAWS. Actually they did close JAWS for a while, but it was for maintanence. There were some rumors going around though, that it could be a permanent thing. I don't know if any of this is true, but if so, that would really suck. I wonder why they'd want to do that stuff? Anyway, just thought I'd share. They have some really cool stuff over at www.universal-excitement.com , check it out. It's being redesigned right now, but the forums are still up. I think I'm going to go to Universal for Spring Break, so I guess I'll find out soon enough if all of this is true or not.
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[ 13 Nov 2005|09:38pm]

Does anyone know if there were ever CDs made for the music played in attractions at USH? I love the music they play before showing the Cyberdyne presentation in the T2 3-D attraction, and I'd really like to have that music on hand, even if I have to resort to getting an mp3 of it. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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HHN XV [ 13 Oct 2005|11:22am]

On 10/28 I'll be attending Halloween Horror Nights for the first time. I'm excited. My college is having a free trip paid for by student government so I made sure I signed up on the first day. It turns out that that was a good decision because my friend tried to sign up a few days later and they turned him away. They're all full and even have a waiting list which is also full. Makes me feel privileged. I've always wanted to check out HHN, and not having to pay is a plus as well. So for those who have been, how is it? Is it scary, or is it more hype than scary? I want to see the Bill and Ted show, I've heard that's good. Any reccommendations? I'm thinking of buying an express pass because I'm sure it will be really crowded, and since I don't have to pay for my ticket, the whole thing would only cost me the price of the express pass. Just thought I'd update. Universal Rocks!
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[ 05 Sep 2005|10:11pm]

Is there a site that lists all of the off-site hotels?

For the Universal/IOA in Orlando, if it matters.

I need a CHEAP hotel for two nights in that area.
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For US employees. [ 31 Aug 2005|11:50am]

My name is Keith Helinski, I've fell in love with Universal since my first trip at age 15 (now age 21).

I've always wanted to move down to Florida, relocate - so to speak. And always wanted to work at Universal in some capacity. Now, I am at that age where I want to pick up and go - but in today society (especially the cost of living and in recent current events (since it is on the news as we speak), gas.

I've been diligently sending resumes by both email and regular mail to Universal with a cover letter and resume, asking for a job. Not sure what I would prefer. I do have movie theater and restaurant experience in the clean up area, so maybe I should aim for that. I know it's not something to live by entirely, but it's something to work myself up to (I could see my self as manager within a couple of years or so).

I happen to live in the Metro area of Detroit, Michigan. So it is quite a drive to pick up and go. But I am in all utmost anxious and motivated. And while it is a spontaneous and stupid plan (since there is no guarantee of a job), it's always been my dream. I just don't know if it is ideally...and just need some perceptive from full time employees of Universal. There are so many opportunities at Universal, it's endless. And with my credentials and such, I don't see how there is a problem. But I am not sure if it is entirely realistic - and I am still not guarantee a job if I do decide to just pick up and leave...
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CURIOUS? [ 20 Jul 2005|09:42am]

Does anyone know of some or any good housing communities in the Orlando area that is a convenient drive to work in working around the Universal Resorts area? I'm looking for something safe, nice, reasonable priced, and like I said an easy commute. Any suggestions or areas to look into would be greatly appreciated!
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Flatward Bound! [ 19 Jun 2005|01:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Heading to the themed lands of Central FLaw tomorrow with my sweetie who has NEVER been to Neverland or anywhere is down there!

you can read more in my most recent post...

I plan to take many photos... and, if I can, sneak backstage to visit old friends...

(cross posted to disney_cast, disney_magic & disneypictures)

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As long as I'm on the subject... [ 16 Jun 2005|10:28pm]

I posted this is the dineyworld community...

Universal doesn't seem to have the best employees. I have bad experiences with their employees on more than one occasion. One time it was raining and I wanted to buy ponchos from the people walking around with the cart. I asked for two, but they only gave me one. To their credit, they did give me correct change. We then went to one of the stores to get another one, and I asked "Do you honor the annual pass discount here?" and the clerk said "yes but we aren't honoring it right now". I think she just didn't feel like punching it in, because I've never heard of them selectively honoring the passholder discounts like that. I also had a bad run in with this guy named Mike at the Hulk. He had this attitude like he thought he owned the park. What happened was I flicked off the camera, which I acknowledge isn't the best thing you can do, but the way that they handled the situation left a lot to be desired. The frame of mind I was in at the time of the picture was basically using a gesture to as if to say “I’ve conquered this ride”. I was kind of scared beforehand, so that’s why I did it. Well we went to buy the picture, and the guy behind the counter edited the fingers and put the order through , the picture was printed out, and we paid for it. All they had to do was take it off the printer and hand it over. Well the guy at the pickup desk looked at it kinda funny for a while, said nothing to us, and went in the back and handed it to this old man, who seemed to get really angry. Next thing we know this punk teenager kid named Mike comes out with an extremely cocky attitude and tells us "I can't sell you this picture" to which we reply "well you already did so what's going on?" and he said since I had flicked off the camera he couldn't sell it to us, even though it had already been edited, paid for, and printed. So we said "well can we have our money back then?" and he (again in his condescending tone of voice) said “no but you guys can go again, give the camera a big thumbs up for us and come back and get that picture". I didn't really want to go again, but I figured if I had to I would. So we asked if we could at least use the express pass line and he said no. So we had to wait in the regular line and ride it again with the stupid thumbs up pose and come back. When we finally got off the ride he was still all cocky about everything, but he rang it up and everything. Trying to be nice I said "I'm sorry man, I didn't know that wasn't allowed". Instead of being professional about it and just saying "well now that you know please don't do it again" or something along those lines, he says "How do you not know?" and I said "well there's no warnings and no one ever said you couldn't" and he says "it's common sense, think about it, could you do that to a cop?" and I said "yes" and he says "well if you did you'd get beaten and taken to jail". So I just walked away cause at that point I had a few choice words I decided against saying to him. I realize that giving the finger to the camera isn’t the best thing to do, but in my defense, there were no written or verbal warnings, the picture was edited and paid for, the picture was of me for my own personal use, and the other people in the row with me were in my party, so it’s not like it messed it up for anyone else. I do feel that they had to make such a big deal out of it. They could have just said “Now that you know please don’t do it again” or something like that. I also doubt that if you flicked off a cop that you’d be beaten and do time. I know you’d probably get in some kind of trouble, but police brutality and a prison sentence seem a bit extreme as a punishment. Another time I wanted to ride the ptranadon flyers in Jurassic park, and they wouldn’t let me on cause they said “it’s a kids ride”. I asked “do you know why it’s only available to kids?” because I’d seen several adults ride in the past and even that day , and the guy there just kept repeating in a nasty tone “it’s a kids ride”. That doesn’t really make sense either ,cause a lot of rides there are kids rides and they still let adults on them (i.e. flying unicorn, cat in the hat, 1 fish 2 fish, E.T., etc.). Sorry for the long post, just when you said that about universal it made me think of a bunch of bad experiences. It especially offended me that as an annual passholder, I was treated like that. Oh yeah and the whole thing about the Hulk they said that they were pissed about it being objectionable conduct. I think it’s funny that I can’t flick off the camera for a picture of myself on a ride that I’m paying for, but they can put on a show where Beetlejuice goes into the crowd and makes sexual references in a show where children are present. And where are they when all those people are walking around with barely any clothes on? And when they’re smoking all over the park when it’s only supposed to be in designated areas? Can we say “selective enforcement?”
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