Travis (trendkill918) wrote in universalstudio,


On 10/28 I'll be attending Halloween Horror Nights for the first time. I'm excited. My college is having a free trip paid for by student government so I made sure I signed up on the first day. It turns out that that was a good decision because my friend tried to sign up a few days later and they turned him away. They're all full and even have a waiting list which is also full. Makes me feel privileged. I've always wanted to check out HHN, and not having to pay is a plus as well. So for those who have been, how is it? Is it scary, or is it more hype than scary? I want to see the Bill and Ted show, I've heard that's good. Any reccommendations? I'm thinking of buying an express pass because I'm sure it will be really crowded, and since I don't have to pay for my ticket, the whole thing would only cost me the price of the express pass. Just thought I'd update. Universal Rocks!
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