Travis (trendkill918) wrote in universalstudio,

TNA at Universal

I was just wondering if anyone has been to a TNA Impact taping at Universal. If so, how is it? I'm thinking of going next tuesday. I understand that they start taping at 5:30 and open the doors at 5 on a first come first serve basis. My only concern is I'm going with a friend of mine who gets off work at 3 that day. We live approximately 2 hours away, so that would put us there around 5. How strict are they about the time? We had the movie theater on citywalk as a backup plan in case we don't make it, but I'm thinking if we get there at 5, we could probably get to the TNA show by 5:30, assuming that there's still seats available. Well any insight into this situation would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Tapings will actually be starting at 6:30 during the summer, so that adds an hour to your window. Of course, given the first-come, first-serve seating, the sooner you arrive, the better choice of spot you'll have.
Awesome, I didn't realize it was at 6:30. We should be fine then. I was wondering, do you know if they have any oppurtunities to meet the wrestlers? I know that one time I saw a few of them outside of the universal studios store near the end of the street leading to the hard rock area, but I was wondering if they had any kind of official "meet & greets" or anything. This should be pretty fun, I'm excited.