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As long as I'm on the subject...

I posted this is the dineyworld community...

Universal doesn't seem to have the best employees. I have bad experiences with their employees on more than one occasion. One time it was raining and I wanted to buy ponchos from the people walking around with the cart. I asked for two, but they only gave me one. To their credit, they did give me correct change. We then went to one of the stores to get another one, and I asked "Do you honor the annual pass discount here?" and the clerk said "yes but we aren't honoring it right now". I think she just didn't feel like punching it in, because I've never heard of them selectively honoring the passholder discounts like that. I also had a bad run in with this guy named Mike at the Hulk. He had this attitude like he thought he owned the park. What happened was I flicked off the camera, which I acknowledge isn't the best thing you can do, but the way that they handled the situation left a lot to be desired. The frame of mind I was in at the time of the picture was basically using a gesture to as if to say “I’ve conquered this ride”. I was kind of scared beforehand, so that’s why I did it. Well we went to buy the picture, and the guy behind the counter edited the fingers and put the order through , the picture was printed out, and we paid for it. All they had to do was take it off the printer and hand it over. Well the guy at the pickup desk looked at it kinda funny for a while, said nothing to us, and went in the back and handed it to this old man, who seemed to get really angry. Next thing we know this punk teenager kid named Mike comes out with an extremely cocky attitude and tells us "I can't sell you this picture" to which we reply "well you already did so what's going on?" and he said since I had flicked off the camera he couldn't sell it to us, even though it had already been edited, paid for, and printed. So we said "well can we have our money back then?" and he (again in his condescending tone of voice) said “no but you guys can go again, give the camera a big thumbs up for us and come back and get that picture". I didn't really want to go again, but I figured if I had to I would. So we asked if we could at least use the express pass line and he said no. So we had to wait in the regular line and ride it again with the stupid thumbs up pose and come back. When we finally got off the ride he was still all cocky about everything, but he rang it up and everything. Trying to be nice I said "I'm sorry man, I didn't know that wasn't allowed". Instead of being professional about it and just saying "well now that you know please don't do it again" or something along those lines, he says "How do you not know?" and I said "well there's no warnings and no one ever said you couldn't" and he says "it's common sense, think about it, could you do that to a cop?" and I said "yes" and he says "well if you did you'd get beaten and taken to jail". So I just walked away cause at that point I had a few choice words I decided against saying to him. I realize that giving the finger to the camera isn’t the best thing to do, but in my defense, there were no written or verbal warnings, the picture was edited and paid for, the picture was of me for my own personal use, and the other people in the row with me were in my party, so it’s not like it messed it up for anyone else. I do feel that they had to make such a big deal out of it. They could have just said “Now that you know please don’t do it again” or something like that. I also doubt that if you flicked off a cop that you’d be beaten and do time. I know you’d probably get in some kind of trouble, but police brutality and a prison sentence seem a bit extreme as a punishment. Another time I wanted to ride the ptranadon flyers in Jurassic park, and they wouldn’t let me on cause they said “it’s a kids ride”. I asked “do you know why it’s only available to kids?” because I’d seen several adults ride in the past and even that day , and the guy there just kept repeating in a nasty tone “it’s a kids ride”. That doesn’t really make sense either ,cause a lot of rides there are kids rides and they still let adults on them (i.e. flying unicorn, cat in the hat, 1 fish 2 fish, E.T., etc.). Sorry for the long post, just when you said that about universal it made me think of a bunch of bad experiences. It especially offended me that as an annual passholder, I was treated like that. Oh yeah and the whole thing about the Hulk they said that they were pissed about it being objectionable conduct. I think it’s funny that I can’t flick off the camera for a picture of myself on a ride that I’m paying for, but they can put on a show where Beetlejuice goes into the crowd and makes sexual references in a show where children are present. And where are they when all those people are walking around with barely any clothes on? And when they’re smoking all over the park when it’s only supposed to be in designated areas? Can we say “selective enforcement?”
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