Sandman (yoshi3309) wrote in universalstudio,

Harry Potter

Im assuming everyone saw this announcement already, but to those who havent seen it, Universal Studios is adding on a new "7th" island for Islands of Adventure, Harry Potter Island (or as I like to call it, Harry Potter of the Lost Continent lol).

Here are some cool press shots.

Whats interesting in the second picture is that you can clearly see the Dueling Dragons castle and the Flying Unicorn in the shot. From the looks of it, the entire lost Continent will be carved up because I honestly dont see (according to the picture) what they are saving.

By the looks of it Hogwarts is going to be to the left of the bridge that connects the Lost Continent...erm...Harry Potter land with Jurassic Park. Pretty Sweet. I wonder what they are going to change Mythos into! Or hell, a Harry POtter stunt show would be sweet.
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